River City Window Cleaning offers a full line-up of exterior cleaning services for your home or business. With our diverse Michigan climate, dirt, grim, algae, mildew and debris from birds and animals build up over time on the exteriors of residential and commercial properties.

We match our tested and proven services based on your specific needs:

Exteriors of homes and businesses:

  • A low pressure cleaning system service to restore and maintain the building exterior

Concrete and hard surfaces:

  • A high pressure cleaning system to restore and maintain your hard surface areas

Not only do we provide services focusing on the exterior of your home or business, we also provide solutions for hard surfaces and concrete sealing. There are many types of concrete sealers (many of which do more harm than good). Our trusted and proven Tropic Seal System will maintain and restore all hard surfaces including paver walks and driveways.

Please Ask About Our Total Care Program for Your Home or Business…

Specializing in helping Retiree’s and those at a point in life, that need help to stay in and enjoy there own homes and avoid going to assisted care or managed care housing, business professional’s who just need a little help or people in the fast lane or on over load.

With over 20 years of experience in home maintenance service and our proven network of professionals, River City Window Cleaning can truly be your one call for all your business or home needs including: General Maintenance, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Complete Transportation Service.

Call Today to design a program to meet all your needs!

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